Returning To Tradition

At VaporPhoxxe we do more than sell Personal Vaporizers, We market a lifestyle. We want every customer to come away knowledgeable in their purchase, and feeling confident in their endeavors with a smoking alternative.

We promise to take the time to help every customer find a system that works for them, whether it is one we sell or not.

VaporPhoxxe isn’t simply a retail store. It is a mindset,  returning to an age old tradition where the customer is all that matters.

Every customer will have their likes and dislikes. We carry a diverse line of products so that we can address those needs. From variable voltage to mini’s, we carry the most complete Personal Vaporizing Line on the market. If we don’t have it, we can find it.

We here at VaporPhoxxe want to continue supplying our customers with the best service possible. We want everyone who comes into our store to feel welcome to explore the opportunity of Vaping.


Choosing to Vape is a very personal experience and it needs to be tailored to each unique individual. What works for some customers will not always work for other customers. We will help manage each step in the process to achieving what ever our client’s goal may be.

Putting the customer first by returning to tradition.

Find us on ECF, the Electronic Cigarette Forum. This is an excellent resource for any Vapist looking to find any information regarding electronic cigarettes, accessories, legislation, or even just vape friendly places. There is an infinite amount of support there!
You can find us here on facebook:   Keep tabs on us there, we are always updating new meets and get together's there! Don't be afraid to post your favorite vapes there and just meet other Vapists!
You can also join the East Coast Vapors Club on facebook. We are at most of their vape meets!

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