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Product #2 Tobacco

Category: PhoxxeBrew

$9.99 $8.99


Nicotine Level:



The eGo-T type A atomizer, when used with the eGo-T cartridges (sold separately), provides hassle free electronic cigarette vaping.

The cartridge (sold separately) holds almost 1ml of e-Liquid. When inserted into the atomizer, the tank is pierced and begins feeding juice to the atomizer coil.

The cartridges are clear so it's super simple to see how much you have left. Refilling is super easy with our fine tipped bottles.

These eGo-T atomizers screw right onto your eGo batteries.

Type A Cartridges only work with eGo-T Type A Atomizers which are cone shaped (tapered or smaller at one end than the other)

Currently we only carry these in black.



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